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Marti Michell

4-1/2in x 11-1/2in Long Magic Mirror For Quilters

4-1/2in x 11-1/2in Long Magic Mirror For Quilters

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Long Magic Mirrors- Marti Michell

"Marti likes to preview blocks by reflecting a small portion in a pair of mirrors; the multiple reflections create the illusion of an entire block. In the diagram, a portion of the blocks is reflected, showing what the whole block would look like with those colors in those positions. You can also use the mirrors on a piece of fabric to see what specific printed patterns will look like repeated in a block.

Cut one triangle or enough pieces for a portion of a block. Position the mirrors and place a piece of tape across the top to hold the angle. Preview different color combinations and prints."

Use: Preview Mirror
Size: 4.5in x 11.5in
Included: One Mirror
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