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It's Sew Emma

Stitchy Floss Bitties- Heavy Plastic Floss Drops

Stitchy Floss Bitties- Heavy Plastic Floss Drops

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Stitchy Floss Bitties By It's Sew Emma

Introducing your flossy new friend, the Stitchy Flossbitties Floss Drops by It's Sew Emma! These plastic spool-shaped floss drops are as durable as they are darling, and you can use them to keep your floss organized however you choose.
Either wrap your floss around the center, loop and tie it, or both! Each Flossbitties pack comes with 20 floss drops in 4 sweet cross stitch-friendly designs.
Tie all the floss for your next project onto Flossbitties, store them on a ring, and drop it in your project bag to stitch whenever you fancy.

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